Regional Sewer District Offers Visitors a Chance to Step Into the Sewer

May 20, 2019

When we hear about infrastructure, most of us probably think of roads and bridges. But there is plenty of underground infrastructure you can’t see--unless you get a behind the scenes tour, which a small group did Tuesday at Edgewater Beach in Cleveland.

"I wouldn’t suggest touching everything all of the time and rollin’ around in there."

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District led a tour of the nine foot tall combined sewer overflow outfall as part of national infrastructure week. About 20 people, including Michael Goldberg from Cleveland Heights, braved a peek inside Cleveland’s century old sewer system.

“These heavy rains and basement backups. It’s interesting to hear about what they’re trying to do to help prevent that,” Goldberg said.  

When heavy rain floods the system, the pipe sends overflow into Lake Erie. But the sewer district’s Jennifer Elting said that’s not happening much anymore.

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