Mysterious pink foam billows out of sewers near MillerCoors

May 8, 2019

MILWAUKEE — A mysterious pink foam has been bubbling out of sewer grates near MillerCoors, according to one concerned Milwaukee citizen.

Glenda Lee said she's seen the foam billowing out of a sewer on 41st Street, near the State Street corner.


She has taken multiple videos since January of the foam and of MillerCoors employees washing it back down into the sewer.

"Every day that I've come, it's been here. It's been here even when the snow is here," Lee said. "If foam was coming out of my property, they would have made me take care of it. I'd have to have trucks out here digging it up right now, otherwise I'd be fined," Lee said.

In one video that Lee shot Thursday, MillerCoors employees are seen scraping the foam back into the sewer.

Lee told the employee that she's been complaining about this foam to officials with no resolution.

"OK, well, we are addressing it, so we just are adding defoamer, and the sewer has collapsed inside," said a MillerCoors employee to Lee.

WISN 12 News called the Department of Natural Resources and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District on Thursday.

Officials said they investigated and found out it is excess beer foam from inside MillerCoors getting washed down the drains at such a high rate that it ends up getting pushed up and out of the curbside sewer.

The private sanitary sewers belong to Miller Coors, and the foam eventually makes its way into the public sanitary system, where it is treated, pumped into Lake Michigan and then treated again before getting into homes and businesses.

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