Meet Metro Vancouver’s two new mascots: Pee and Poo

May 2, 2019

While they might look more like they belong on an episode of South Park, Metro Vancouver proudly chose Pee and Poo as it’s two new mascots.

That’s right: two people, one dressed as a giant turd, and the other, dressed as a large droplet of pee, paraded around Waterfront SkyTrain Station on Monday, April 29 as part of the region’s “Unflushables campaign” launch.

The campaign aims to get the message out that only pee, poo and toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. It also includes a list of things that often get flushed down the toilet, but shouldn’t.

For example, Metro Vancouver tweeted about disposable wipes, using a cute, animated box of wipes to explain why these products shouldn’t be flushed. The green box, equipped with pink lips and a cheerful voice, remarks that, “Even if the package says flushable, wipes like me go in the garbage.”

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