NACWA: Now Is the Time to Advance Clean Water Infrastructure

Apr 22, 2019


Public clean water sewer and stormwater services are an aspect of everyday life that often goes unnoticed by the hundreds of millions of Americans that depend on them. These essential services provide communities throughout the country, both small and large, the ability to ensure homes, businesses, hospitals, and schools operate safely and efficiently while also protecting public health and the environment and growing their local economies.

Many of those in the public clean water sector are proud that their work often goes unnoticed because it is a sign that things are operating as they should – and the clean water services they provide to their residents and ratepayers remains safe, reliable, and affordable. They are true stewards of their communities who, as they deal with aging infrastructure, growing water quality challenges, increasing federal compliance obligations, and stagnant federal investment, are being asked to do more with less.

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