Flushable wipes wreaking havoc on Akron waste water system

Apr 16, 2019

AKRON, Iowa — Akron city officials are urging business owners and residents to stop flushing those "flushable wipes" down the toilet because it's causing damage to the city's waste water system.

Take a look at this photo of a city employee pulling out a pump at the lift station near the railroad tracks. That pump is plugged with wipes. Akron's city administrator tells us even though the wipes are called "flushable," they're not!

And they're doing more harm than good. About every three months the city has to spend about $1,800 to repair problems caused by the wipes.

"And one of the things people have done over the years just to show that they aren't flushable, is if you take toilet paper and put it in a bucket with some water and put a wipe in a bucket with some water, that disposable wipe does not break down. It's going to hold its consistency for a very long time," said Dan Rolfes, city administrator.

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