Wastewater to wine country, raw sewage to irrigation

Apr 15, 2019

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – For the first time in nearly 40-years, there is hope that the longest lasting ‘environmental crime’ in America could soon be coming to an end.

“We think this is the future. Reusing waste water is the future. The wine country is drying up and there is a drought. If they can use the waste water for irrigation, everyone wins”, says Mayor Serge Dedina of Imperial Beach.

When he says ‘everyone wins’, he’s not kidding around. For the last 30-years, the scenic coastline of Imperial Beach was been closed down ‘one-third’ of that time. It used to be only when it rained and the raw sewage would come flowing down from the hillsides, but recently, the government of Mexico opens the gates and lets ‘raw sewage’ flow into the United States, directly into Imperial Beach, anytime they feel like it.

“The Wine Country is huge. This is an Israeli company that specializes in water treatment. They will build a 65-mile pipeline to the Guadalupe Valley Wine Country and recycle about 33-million gallons a day”, says Mayor Dedina. “This way, the Wine Country can keep making great wine and we can keep our beaches open everyday, as it should be.”

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