Is Your State Looking into PFAS in Biosolids?

Apr 15, 2019

NACWA is trying to get an idea of states that are requiring sampling of biosolids for PFAS and would be interested in hearing from our state and regional partners and utilities if they are aware of these types of state initiatives.

Currently, we are aware of Maine Department of Environmental Protection’s recent requirements to sample and test for PFAS in biosolids. We also know that the state of Washington has drafted a PFAS Chemical Action Plan for biosolids that appears to take a more cautious and thought out science-driven approach to sampling and risk evaluation. In California, although biosolids are not specifically mentioned, the state is also embarking on a phased approach that will likely begin in late Summer/Fall 2019 to sample wastewater and pretreatment for PFAS.

If your state is specifically looking into sampling biosolids for PFAS, please contact Emily Remmel, Director of Regulatory Affairs.

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