Localities challenged to meet stormwater reductions

Apr 2, 2019

Stormwater pollution is proving to be one tough nut to crack in restoring the Chesapeake Bay. To understand how tough, just look at how Maryland’s largest city and the state’s biggest suburbs have struggled with it.

Construction crews restore Chinquapin Run in Baltimore city, moving a sewer line out of a channel and stabilizing banks. Trees planted along the stream by volunteers were taken out, but officials say the reductions in erosion and sewage leaks outweigh the loss. (Dave Harp)

A year ago, despite having spent more than $100 million on a slew of projects, Montgomery County failed to meet state requirements for reducing polluted runoff from its streets, parking lots and rooftops. In a consent agreement with state regulators, it pledged to catch up and pay a $300,000 fine — or spend a like amount on an extra stormwater management project.

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