Presidential Candidate Amy Klobuchar Unveils $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Apr 1, 2019

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar became the first Democratic presidential candidate to release a detailed federal infrastructure plan, calling for $1 trillion in investment and putting pressure on a wide field of contenders to come up with their own proposals.

The Minnesota Democrat unveiled the plan on Medium.com on March 28, saying she would raise corporate taxes, provide $650 billion in federal funding and revive a billion-dollar bond program that subsidized states and local governments that borrowed money for roads, bridges and airports. She said she would push to get her infrastructure plan approved in her first year in office.

President Donald Trump so far has failed to make headway on his campaign promises to enact his $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan, which Klobuchar called a “mirage.” While the need for infrastructure investment has become a bipartisan issue in Washington, it has stalled amid disagreement over how to pay for such a program.

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