Legislators must fully fund environmental restoration

Apr 1, 2019

On Tuesday, the Florida Ocean Alliance will host “Oceans Day” in the state Capitol. Held each legislative session, the event celebrates Florida’s magnificent coastal and ocean resources, while educating elected officials about the tremendous ecological and economic goods and services that these water resources can provide for us — if we take care of them.Dr. Brandon Suler (Courtesy photo)

Given recent pollution-driven algal blooms that devastated our inland waters, coastal waters, and many local economies, this year’s Oceans Day theme, “Preventing Coastal Economic Losses: How to save Florida’s water resources,” is apropos to a legislative session focused on solutions.

The Florida legislature currently is considering a variety of bills and funding levels for projects that are essential for cleaning up the state’s water pollution. Hot topics include major funding for authorized Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Projects, as well as funding and requirements to fix the state’s aging and already antiquated wastewater infrastructure.

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