Corvallis Uses “Treasure Hunt” To Sniff Out Energy Savings At Wastewater Plant

Apr 1, 2019

Technicians at the Corvallis Waste Water Plant went on a one-day blitz to identify ways the 65-year-old facility could save energy.

They called it a “Treasure Hunt.” For one day, workers examined every piece of equipment with the specific goal of figuring out how to make it work more efficiently. They came up with 60 different ways to save energy.

Workers found leaks in the ducts leading from this blower engine. Fixing them was one of the energy-saving "gems" they uncovered during the Treasure Hunt.

Some were easy to implement. Others will take time and additional investments, said James Green, a wastewater operator for the City of Corvallis Wastewater Reclamation Plant. “The things we’re trying to conquer first would be what we would consider to be gems, which are the ones that yield the highest energy savings for the smallest cost and the lowest amount of effort,” said Green.

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