EPA pretends climate change and water quality are separate issues — they're not

Mar 28, 2019

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler took to the morning news this week to serve the American public a heaping of hypocrisy on the Trump administration’s commitment to keeping our country’s water clean.

Wheeler declared that shrinking access to clean water is the most serious environmental threat we’re facing, even more so than the effects of climate change. While we don’t disagree that access to clean water is a huge issue, what Wheeler failed to mention was not only the link between climate change and clean water, but that the Trump administration has been actively working to undermine the very programs that protect clean water — the cause he cites as a priority for the EPA.

Wheeler’s statements reflect an unwillingness to accept the impact of climate change on global resources, including water. A changing climate is and will continue to result in changing water quality in drinking water sources, prompting public health risks and costly new treatment changes. Climate change affects our water, and we can’t protect our water and ignore the threats from climate change.
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