Federal Government Shutdown Continues

Jan 15, 2019

shutdownNow in its fourth week, the current partial government shutdown, which includes the EPA, is now the longest in US history with no end in sight.  While negotiations continue, strong divisions between President Trump and Congressional Democrats on border security issues and funding have provided little headway in resolving the funding impasse and moving to re-open the federal government.  NACWA legislative staff will continue to provide updates as they occur.

NACWA has not heard from any members suffering impacts from the EPA closure, and anticipates that given the large role states play in Clean Water Act regulation and funding, short-term impacts will be minimal for the municipal clean water community.  However, if there are utilities that are being negatively impacted by the shutdown, please let NACWA know.  For more information and/or concerns please contact Nathan Gardner-Andrews, NACWA Chief Advocacy Officer.

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