DPW proposes a three year, 30% increase in water and sewer rates

Dec 4, 2018

In a surprise move, Rudy Chow, the director of Public Works, issued a press release today calling for a series of rate hikes, beginning July 1, 2019, that will increase water and sewer rates for city residents by 30% over three years.

The timing of the press release initially caught the mayor’s office off guard. Spokesman James Bentley said he would get back to The Brew with a comment from Mayor Catherine Pugh.

The mayor subsequently gave her stamp of approval to the rate hike, which will come before the Board of Estimates, which she controls, on January 9.

“The mayor understands that significant investment is needed to maintain and operate our water and sewer systems. The plan [that] DPW developed balances the need for revenue with a new, expanded assistance program for people to afford their bills. The proposal is fiscally sound and socially responsible.”

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