How will the textiles industry confront microfiber water pollution?

Nov 13, 2018

New York – Three U.S. states have proposed legislation to address water pollution caused by the shedding of microfibers from synthetic textiles during routine laundering.

At HTT’s Material Changes conference next week, Mary Ankeny, VP of product development & implementation operations at Cotton Incorporated, will discuss the work being done by stakeholders in the textile supply chain to address the dilemma.

Her session – “Sea Change: The Industry Confronts its Microfiber Pollution Problem” – will cover the work being done by textile researchers, trade associations and NGOs to create solutions pro-actively.

The program at Material Changes will also cover innovations in biosynthetic raw materials, smart apparel and medical textiles as well as look at the state of sustainability/traceability in home textiles. An “ask the expert” session will cover the current state of play in tariffs on the Trump administration’s tariff impacts.

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