Officials Warn Against Flushing Baby Wipes After One City's Major Mishap

Oct 26, 2018

You know how they say you shouldn’t flush toilet paper down the toilet? Well, make that toilet paper and baby wipes. That’s because every parents’ worst nightmare recently happened: thousands of pounds of flushable baby wipes recently clogged a sewer system in South Carolina. In other words, it doesn’t look like they were flushable at all.

According to new reports, the Charleston, South Carolina Water System sent scuba divers down approximately 90 ft into raw sewage to pull out wipes that clogged the system. The Charleston Water System shared tweets on Monday from the project to clean the wipes from the sewer system. Yes, it looks and sounds pretty gross and no, we wouldn’t want to clean this up. The public water and utility center posted pictures of a large black mass made up of the used baby wipes workers had to remove in order to clear the pipes.
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