Texas’ water infrastructure not making the grade

Oct 23, 2018

Complaining about water when reservoirs are filling after a long, dry Texas summer may seem a little ungrateful.

But in a place that grows by 100 residents a day, building and maintaining water infrastructure is crucial, and according to a recent report, Texas is struggling to cope with the multi-billion-dollar water challenge

Texas scored a D-plus in drinking-water infrastructure on the latest American Society of Civil Engineers Infrastructure Report Card, up from D minus in 2012, and a D in wastewater, down from a C minus in 2012.


The combined estimate to address those combined water-infrastructure issues over the next 20 years is about $46 billion in Texas, according to the ASCE.

Rockdale, about 60 miles northwest of Austin, only has a population of about 5,600, but it’s experiencing water-infrastructure problems that are part of the larger picture.

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