Commentary: Base water quality recommendations on science

Oct 22, 2018

It should be the goal of all New Yorkers to ensure our state's residents have access to clean, pure and healthy drinking water. In fact, The Business Council has supported efforts to provide all people with clean drinking water. Specifically, we supported mandating that school drinking water systems be tested for lead and the $2.5 billion in funding contained in the Clean Water Infrastructure Act of 2017. The Business Council supports decisions based upon the weight of the best available scientific evidence.


Looking ahead to this week's meeting of the state's Drinking Water Quality Council, we ask that our state and federal leadership work together with all parties in New York state to address current challenges from "emerging contaminants," including PFAS and 1,4 –dioxane. Specifically, we call upon the members of the Drinking Water Quality Council to focus on the best available science and make decisions based on the weight of scientific evidence, including input from all stakeholders.

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