NACWA Asks EPA to Clarify Labeling of Root Control Chemical

Oct 16, 2018

vactor_ramjet_171030_153645_2c7f46364ea575bd87d99098ec06c024(October 16, 2018) - NACWA submitted comments to EPA on October 9, asking the Agency to modify its proposed label language for dichlobenil, a root control chemical.  Dichlobenil can be effectively used to control roots in wastewater collection systems, helping to prevent overflows and backups.  However, if too much of the chemical is used in too short of a time, it has the potential to both interfere with the microorganisms used in the wastewater treatment process and negatively affect effluent quality.  The chemical may also be a safety hazard for collection system workers. 

Specifically, NACWA, along with the Bay Area Clean Water Agencies (BACWA), asked that EPA clarify its proposed label language for dichlobenil when it comes to prior notification.  EPA’s proposed label stated that POTWs be notified of “prior to the start of dichlobenil application,” without specifying a minimum time for this notice.  NACWA and BACWA requested that the notice be done 24 hours in advance to help clean water agencies protect their workers, who may be opening manholes or entering collections lines. 

NACWA members with concerns about dichlobenil or any other root control chemicals should contact Cynthia Finley, NACWA’s Director, Regulatory Affairs.

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