Latest Clean Water Advocate Magazine Focuses on Governance Issues

Jul 31, 2018

(July 31, 2017) - Governance approaches are front-and-center in the new summer issue of NACWA’s bi-annual magazine, the Clean Water Advocate. Among other thought-provoking trends and developments in the clean water sector, this issue explores the various, and at times competing, perspectives of utility leaders who operate under various utility governance models.

NACWA’s vision for the Advocate is to help members navigate the clean water landscape, highlighting crucial water issues and providing fresh perspectives on topics that matter most for utilities. It also provides fresh commentary on the larger issues prevalent in the clean water sector.

Issues are published regularly during NACWA's summer and winter conferences, both in print copy (available on request) and electronic format on NACWA's website.

If you are interested in contributing to magazine, or have questions, comments or requests, contact Anthony Viardo, NACWA’s Director of Communications and Marketing.

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