NACWA Recommends Consideration of ‘Down-the-Drain’ Impact for Pesticides

Apr 24, 2018

nineNACWA submitted comments on April 21 for the risk assessments of three pesticides – dinotefuran, thiamethoxam, and clothianidin – asking EPA to consider the environmental impacts of these chemicals when they are used indoors and subsequently washed into sewer systems.

Dinotefuran is used in pet flea control products, which can be washed off pets or transferred to hands, clothing, and other surfaces that are washed.  Thiamethoxam and clothianidin are used in products to control cockroaches, bedbugs, and other insects, ending up in the sewer system when treated surfaces are washed.  Existing toxicity data indicates that these three pesticides are harmful to aquatic life, and NACWA requested that further toxicity data be collected to fill in the current gaps in the risk assessments.  In addition, NACWA recommended that risk mitigation measures – such as alternate product use or improved instructions for use – be considered for each pesticide. 

NACWA members with questions or concerns about pesticides should contact Cynthia Finley.

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