ECOS Releases New Interactive Website

Oct 31, 2017

five(October 31, 2017) - As the focus of environmental law shifts to the states, the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) recently released a new website, ECOS Results Project, outlining “states’ pollution reduction efforts on a national scale using common measures.”  Using state environmental data from EPA, ECOS has compiled state-by-state “stories” that paint a picture of environmental progress in each state.

The ECOS Results Project is unique in its approach to communicating the status of environmental compliance based on four areas: air healthy to breath, healthy and thriving communities, less and properly managed waste, and water clean and available for all uses. Taken together, these factors illustrate the progress and emerging challenges facing various states across the country. The project is ongoing, with 15 states represented and the rest to be added throughout the next year. 

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