Congress Addresses Harvey; Extends Federal Funding and Debt Ceiling

Sep 12, 2017

fourIn a surprise twist last week, as part of a Hurricane Harvey Relief package the President signed into law a Continuing Resolution that will keep the Federal Government funded into December. This allows Congress more time to finish its work on a Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 funding package and removes the prospect of a shutdown. In addition to providing an initial round of Harvey Relief, the $15 Billion package also raised the debt ceiling and extended authorization for the National Flood Insurance Program into December.

President Trump worked with Democratic Leadership in the Senate and House on this deal, startling Congressional Republicans. This action created a sudden shift in the Congressional agenda for the remainder of Fall and also raised the possibility of the White House working more closely with Congressional Democrats. It will no doubt continue to be a busy and dynamic next few months on Capitol Hill.

As funding, infrastructure and related conversations continue. NACWA remains actively pushing its clean water priorities with key Committees on the Hill and looks forward to moving the ball forward throughout the Fall.  Please contact Kristina Surfus, NACWA Legislative Affairs Director, to discuss any issues further. 

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