International Water Services Flushability Standards Published

Jul 25, 2017

nineThe International Water Services Flushability Group (IWSFG) has published a draft flushability standard, with a public comment period open until September 1.  The IWSFG is an international group of wastewater utilities and the associations representing them that share a common goal of reducing the problems caused by the inappropriate flushing of consumer products, including wipes.  NACWA has participated in the development of the draft flushability standard, which will ensure that any product meeting the standard is safe to flush into municipal wastewater utility systems.  The standard includes tests for drain line clearance, physical disintegration, settlement, and aerobic and anaerobic bio-disintegration. 

NACWA’s Board of Directors has approved formal membership in the IWSFG.  State and regional associations and individual utilities are also welcome to join the IWSFG as associate members by signing the IWSFG Memorandum of Understanding.   More information about the IWSFG and the flushability standard will be provided in an upcoming Advocacy Alert.  

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