Pretreatment Standards for New Dental Offices in Effect

Jul 18, 2017

fiveEPA’s Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for the Dental Category, also known as the Dental Amalgam Rule, went into effect for new sources on July 14.  New dental offices that place or remove amalgam fillings must now install and maintain dental amalgam separators, follow best management practices (BMPs), and submit a one-time compliance report to their POTW or other pretreatment control authority.  New dental offices must submit their compliance report no later than 90 days after beginning discharge of wastewater to a POTW. 

EPA plans to post a compliance report on its website that can be used by dental offices.  NACWA’s Pretreatment & Pollution Prevention reviewed EPA’s draft compliance report and offered suggestions for improvements.  EPA is also planning additional guidance for POTWs and other control authorities.  NACWA will notify its members when the compliance form is posted and when any other information is available. 

Additional information about the dental amalgam rule is contained in Advocacy Alert 17-04.  Please contact Cynthia Finley with any questions.

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