NACWA, WESTCAS Collaborate on Arid State Issues

Jun 27, 2017

fiveNACWA held a collaborative roundtable workshop on June 22 with the Western Coalition of Arid States (WESTCAS) in San Diego, CA, as part of the WESTCAS Annual Meeting.  The roundtable topics focused on crucial arid and semi-arid state issues such as, climate and resiliency, regulatory improvement and Clean Water Act reform, affordability and funding, the Utility of the Future and technology, and the water quality and quantity nexus.

Participants in the workshop generated many thought-provoking discussions on issues critical to their clean water utilities. Integrated Planning, State Revolving Fund streamlining, greater flexibility to address changing climate conditions, stormwater capture, and water quality concerns were a few of the inspiring ideas that surfaced during the discussions.  In addition to the workshop, Andy Prindle, an investment expert within Goldman Sachs’ Public Sector and Infrastructure Group, presented on the topic of municipal funding options and his role with financing P3s.

NACWA is committed to better incorporating arid/semi-arid state issues into its overall advocacy portfolio, and will be using lessons learned from the workshop discussion to inform revisions to the Association’s Strategic Plan.  NACWA would like to thank all those that participated in the discussions and the roundtable leaders that guided the conversations.

The Association will sort through the information gathered at the workshop, and synthesize a report on how NACWA’s national agenda can better reflect these arid and semi-arid state concerns. For more information, contact Emily Remmel, NACWA’s Regulatory Affairs Director. 

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