Water Sector Security & Resiliency Roadmap Released

May 23, 2017

tenThe Water Sector Coordination Council (WSSC) and the Water Government Coordinating Council (WGCC) have released the 2017 Roadmap to a Secure and Resilient Water and Wastewater Sector.  Representatives from the water sector associations and from state and federal agencies developed the Roadmap to review key sector threats and vulnerabilities, identify gaps and formulate priority areas and associated near-term and mid-term actions to address gaps.

The Roadmap identifies the top for priorities for the sector as: (1) establish the critical lifeline status for the sector; (2) improving detection, response, and recovery to contamination incidents; (3) advancing preparedness and improving capability of the sector for area-wide loss of water and power; and (4) advancing recognition of vulnerabilities and responses related to cyber risks.  The WSCC and WGCC will use the Roadmap and the priorities identified in it to guide their activities over the next few years.   

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