NACWA Staff Featured for Work on the “Flushable” Wipes Issue

Feb 14, 2017

fiveIn case you missed the most recent edition of Water Efficiency Magazine, NACWA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs, Cynthia Finley, was prominently featured for her work on one of NACWA’s signature issues. For several years, Finley has fought against non-biodegradable, “flushable” wipes that snarl sewer lines and create costly headaches for utilities across the nation and around the world.

This multi-pronged issue, connecting water quality concerns and pretreatment, led to the formation of NACWA’s Toilets Are Not Trashcans advocacy campaign. So far, the campaign has produced numerous victories for NACWA members, including the promulgation of an International Wastewater Position Statement on Wipes and the aiding and shepherding of the nation’s first piece of legislation that addresses problems caused by flushable and non-flushable wipes.

The Association is proud of Finley’s work on reducing the burden of “flushable” wipes on our nation’s water infrastructure, and NACWA will continue to advocate strongly on this issue moving forward. 

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