NACWA Committees Address Clean Water Advocacy Priorities, Discuss Regulatory Improvements

Feb 7, 2017

two copyA number of NACWA’s key committees met during this week’s Winter Conference in Tampa, FL.  One of the more crucial topics discussed was the impact of the new Trump Administration and the new Congress on the municipal clean water community’s advocacy priorities, including opportunities for additional infrastructure funding and targeted regulatory improvements.

A broad consensus emerged from the committee discussions that NACWA should push both the Administration and Congress on providing additional dollars for infrastructure investment and quickly develop a list of responsible regulatory reform initiatives that could garner bipartisan support and aid clean water utilities in operating more effectively, while providing better economic, environmental and public health value.

The committees also received updates on current NACWA advocacy priorities, including work around integrated planning, wet weather issues, water quality developments and legal initiatives.  Through these discussions, the committees provided additional direction for NACWA advocacy efforts and engagement in the new political landscape in Washington, DC.

A key action item coming out of the committee discussion is the need for NACWA to quickly assemble a list of potential regulatory reform initiatives.  The Association will be soliciting input on this issue via a more detailed email to the membership very soon, but any members with thoughts or questions on this topic are encouraged to contact Nathan Gardner-Andrews.

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