NACWA, DOE Talk Energy Programs and Priorities for Clean Water Agencies

Jan 31, 2017

UOTFNACWA and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) staff met on January 22 to discuss DOE programs that are available to clean water agencies, and potential energy priorities for the sector under the new Administration.  This is a key element of NACWA’s work on the Utility of the Future concept.   

Some NACWA members have already taken advantage of DOE programs, including the Better Plants Program and the Superior Energy Performance Program.  Members of DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, will join the next NACWA Energy Workgroup web meeting to provide information about these programs. Utilities that have participated in these programs will join as well. NACWA also plans to send a letter to the new political leadership at DOE to describe both the energy priorities of clean water agencies and how DOE can assist with these priorities.  NACWA will also continue to work collaboratively with its fellow national water associations to voice a united message on DOE priorities via an effort spearheaded by the Water Research Foundation (WRF).

NACWA members with input on successful DOE programs that should be maintained, as well as potential DOE initiatives that could assist utilities, should contact Cynthia Finley

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