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FY 2024 Interior-Environment Appropriations Bill Released

Mar 6, 2024

Congressional Appropriators released the text and explanatory statements earlier this week for a handful of final federal fiscal year (FY) 2024 Appropriations bills, including the FY24 Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies appropriations bill. This is the bill that funds EPA.

The $459 billion “minibus” contains six of the twelve FY24 appropriations bills. The federal government is operating on a continuing resolution (CR) that is set to partially expire on March 8. Congress is expected to pass the bill and send it to President Biden’s desk for signature before the end of the week.

The FY24 Interior-Environment bill provides EPA $9.158 billion, $976.5 million below the FY23 enacted level, and $2.92 billion below President Biden’s FY24 budget request.

While EPA’s funding will be cut by just under 10% in FY24, critical accounts impacting clean water agencies largely escaped massive cuts. Most significantly, the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) is set to receive level funding from the previous year, with Congress providing $1.638 billion in funds.

However, $787 million (48 percent) of the CWSRF is tagged for Congressionally directed Community Project Funding, also known as earmarks. While the amount going to earmarks this year is slightly less than last year, the funding of earmarks directly from the CWSRF continues to be a major policy concern for NACWA.  

On the drinking water side, $609 million (54 percent) of the $1.126 billion in the Drinking Water SRF is directed toward Community Project Funding. 

The following table highlights critical accounts that NACWA’s Government Affairs team continues to monitor: 

AccountFY 2024FY 2023
Clean Water SRF$1.638 billion$1.638 billion
Drinking Water SRF$1.126 billion$1.126 billion
EPA Integrated Planning$2 million$2 million
Technical Assistance for Wastewater Treatment Works$6,500 million$7,000 million
Sewer Overflow and Stormwater Reuse Grants$25.5 million$27 million
Water Infrastructure Workforce Investment$5.4 million$6 million
Stormwater Infrastructure Technology$2 million$3 million
Nonpoint Source (Sec. 319) Categorical Grant$15 million$16.326 million
Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Program (WIFIA)$72.274 million$75.640 million
EPA Geographic Programs$681.726 million$681.726 million

The federal FY25 appropriations cycle will soon begin, and NACWA will continue to strongly advocate for the Association’s funding priorities in next year’s budget. Of particular focus for NACWA will be increasing the messaging and political pressure on Congress to find other sources of funding for earmarks and to not fund them out of the CWSRF.

Please contact NACWA’s Government Affairs team for the latest on Congressional appropriations activity.

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