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Tribute to Barbara Biggs on Her Recent Passing

Oct 12, 2023


NACWA is deeply saddened to inform the membership that Barbara Biggs passed away on October 5 due to complications from cancer. In addition to her incredible accomplishments as General Manager of the Roxborough Water and Sanitation District (Colorado), NACWA Board Member and long-time NACWA committee leader, Barb was an exceptional person, public servant, wife and mother of two daughters and always made everyone feel comfortable around her with her bright smile, laugh and authenticity.   

Barb served as a Board Member of NACWA since October of 2020, and was the Co-Chair of NACWA’s Small & Mid-Size Utility Working Group (since 2020), making NACWA’s services to our small utilities stronger and more equitable – an exceptional legacy that is a tribute to her sense of service and desire to hear everyone’s voice equally. Barb was also an active participant in NACWA’s Water Quality Committee, including serving in the leadership of the Committee from 2009-2014 when she worked with Metro Water Recovery in Denver and her insights and collaborative approach helped the Association navigate some of the most complex water quality challenges of the last 20 years.  

Barb also received two of NACWA’s most prestigious recognitions: The President’s Award in 2011 and induction into The NACWA Hall of Fame in 2015. Both these recognitions are reserved for the most outstanding contributions to the water sector and unparalleled public service.  

As the Roxborough Water and Sanitation District’s tribute stated: “Barbara’s exceptional leadership skills will be etched in the memory of those who worked with her. As the General Manager, her dedication and commitment towards her role were evident through the mutual respect she shared with the District’s Board of Directors and its staff.”  

As Mickey Conway, Chief Executive Officer of Metro Water Recovery in Denver, Colorado and NACWA’s Secretary said so eloquently, “Barb was a tireless and eloquent advocate for the water sector here in Colorado and nationally.  She has a huge place in our community, and as a long-time former Metro employee she is missed and mourned by many in our organization and many more around the state.  She taught me (and many others) a great deal and I am forever grateful to have known and worked with her.  Our hearts go out to her family.” 

Rest peacefully Barb – thank you for bringing a special light to our lives; your legacy will endure, is remembered, and treasured.  

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