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NACWA Provides Comments to EPA’s Science Advisory Board Biosolids Panel; Report Coming Soon

Jul 13, 2023

NACWA submitted comments June 28 to the 11 expert members of EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) Biosolids Panel to consider as they develop their final report reviewing the draft Framework for Addressing Risks of Chemicals in Biosolids and the parallel Biosolids Screening Tool (BST).  

EPA sees this as the “process” to updating how the Agency reviews chemicals in biosolids and does not plan to publish the draft Framework in the Federal Register. NACWA’s comments, developed with the help of expert risk assessors from Geosyntec, outlined the Association’s concerns with the draft Framework and how EPA plans to move forward with assessing risk of chemicals in biosolids.  

Once the draft Framework is finalized, EPA plans to begin screening the more than 700 chemicals known to be present in biosolids. They will be prioritized based on high or low risk and if significant risk is found, the Agency will move forward with a refined risk assessment for that given chemical.  

During the third and final meeting of the SAB Biosolids Panel on July 5, considerable discussion took place and on many occasions referenced NACWA’s comments. The SAB’s report will be finalized in the coming weeks and will be reviewed by a select group of members from the Science Advisory Board.  

NACWA would like to thank its corporate affiliate member Geosyntec for the great work they did reviewing the draft Framework and helping prepare comments. 

If members have questions, please contact Emily Remmel

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