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NACWA Shares Key Legislative Priorities with Capitol Hill

Feb 8, 2023

NACWA sent a letter to Capitol Hill on February 1 outlining the top legislative priorities the Association looks to work with Congress on over the next two years during the 118th session of Congress.   

The letter highlights the importance of building on the bipartisan legislative achievements from the last Congress and working collaboratively to further advance, in a bipartisan fashion, clean water policies and solutions that are technically, scientifically and economically sound.  

Specifically, the letter discusses the importance of increased federal investment in clean water infrastructure, addressing PFAS risks while also pursuing a “polluter pays” model that protects communities from unfair liability, further advancing conservation partnerships between POTWs and farmers, ensuring the long-term viability of a permanent low-income water assistance program, and strengthening and advancing commonsense regulatory flexibilities and reforms, among others. 

While a divided congress and the current political landscape will present legislative hurdles over the next two years, NACWA will continue working with Congress and leverage its strong bipartisan relationships to advocate for clean water policies that will benefit communities across the country. And the importance of water as a national priority was highlighted during President Biden’s State of the Union address on February 7, with the President making reference to water issues a number of times including in the context of climate change and lead and copper line replacement.  

NACWA encourages all members to share this letter with their respective Congressional delegations. In the meantime, please contact NACWA’s Director of Legislative Affairs, Jason Isakovic, with any questions or to discuss further. 

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