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NACWA Releases Talking Points to Help with Questions on Biosolids Land Application

Sep 7, 2022

NACWA published a set of talking points this week to aid utilities in answering questions or concerns about the land application of biosolids, especially given the increase in attention around PFAS chemicals and their potential presence in biosolids.

NACWA has received a number of utility inquiries in recent weeks about how to respond to questions regarding the continued safety of land application, and the talking points are intended to help utilities respond to those questions and allay any concerns about land application.  They contain factual points about the many studies that have repeatedly demonstrated the safety of land application, EPA’s ongoing efforts to conduct risk assessments specific to PFAS chemicals and biosolids, the benefits of land application and the complexity of changing management options, and the importance of regulations focusing on a “polluter pays” approach that holds the manufactures and producers of PFAS liable – not public clean water agencies that are passive receivers of the chemicals. 

NACWA encourages members to use the document in crafting responses if they are receiving questions or concerns about land application.  The document is also intended to be a living document that will be updated on a regular basis, and members with any comments or edits are encouraged to contact Nathan Gardner-Andrews, NACWA’s Chief Advocacy & Policy Officer.  

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