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Senate Democrats Release Infrastructure Proposal

Mar 13, 2018


(March 13, 2018) – Senate Democrats released their $1 trillion plan for rebuilding America’s infrastructure last week, on the heels of the White House’s infrastructure proposal that was released last month and as Congress begins crafting comprehensive infrastructure legislation.

NACWA is pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Senate Environment & Public Works Committee Democrats over the past year to ensure that their plan included clean water as a key component.  Specifically, the plan would provide $115 Billion in federal investment over 10 years (or an average of $11.5 billion per year) for water infrastructure, divided equally between water and wastewater.

These levels of funding would be unprecedented for water and wastewater – more than a tripling of current funding levels.  They also reflect a recognition of the significant water infrastructure investment needs that local utilities face in providing vital services in an affordable manner, while also achieving compliance with a growing array of federal and state regulatory requirements.  The plan further includes important policy provisions regarding bipartisan support for integrated planning concepts and improving the resiliency of federal investments.

The inclusion of water as a main pillar of both the White House plan and the Senate Democrat plan marks a major advocacy victory for the clean water community and is a directly result of hard work done by NACWA’s members, the Association, and our water sector partners to elevate the importance of clean water as a national priority. 

Additionally, the House continued laying the groundwork for infrastructure legislation as the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee’s Water Resources and Environment Subcommittee held a hearing with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on building America’s 21st Century infrastructure.  The subcommittee is expected to conduct further hearings in the coming weeks on additional water infrastructure needs.  NACWA will continue to keep members apprised of key developments related to the clean water sector.

NACWA looks forward to continued collaboration with both Congressional Republicans and Democrats to advance infrastructure legislation on a bipartisan basis, and to ensure that clean and safe water are top priorities.

Please contact Jason Isakovic or Kristina Surfus, NACWA’s Legislative Directors, to discuss further.   

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