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The Great Lakes Water Authority Engages Its Community and Key Stakeholders With Informative Video

Jan 25, 2023

Great_Lakes_Water_AuthorityThe Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) adopted a first-of-its kind regional Wastewater Master Plan (WWMP) to proactively and adaptively manage the wastewater system that serves 2.8 million people and spans 15,000 miles of pipes across 79 communities in southeast Michigan.

The 40-year plan, unlike any other in the nation, is the result of unprecedented regional collaboration among 100 stakeholders, including GLWA’s member partners, watershed advocacy groups, regulatory agencies, and more. The WWMP gives the region a roadmap for the future and a plan that builds on the work already done – with a focus on water quality and a path that manages affordability through partnerships and collaboration.

The first phase of the plan included creating a Regional Operating Plan (ROP). Given the complexity of the issue and the number of stakeholders involved, GLWA conceptualized and produced a four-minute video on the ROP to show GLWA’s member partners how collaboration plays a vital role in the success of our regional collection system. The ROP is a central element of the WWMP and provides a chance for all member partner communities to work collaboratively with their neighbors to protect the environment and public health while reducing the need for costly investments in new infrastructure.

The video uses detailed storytelling, easy to understand terminology, and engaging imagery to discuss how southeast Michigan’s current wastewater collection system works and how it will be improved by the ROP. GLWA was able to develop a traffic analogy to easily and visually explain exactly how the plan will work and why it is beneficial to people throughout the region. Different motion animations were used to demonstrate each step of the plan and how they work. The video also features aerial video of GLWA facilities and local waterways, along with animated full-screen graphics.

NACWA awarded the Great Lakes Water Authority a 2022 National Environmental Achievement Award in the Public Information & Education, Video category for its entertaining and educational video. Congratulations to GLWA and everyone involved!

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