The Advocacy Recognition Program highlights outstanding advocacy work undertaken by federal elected officials and NACWA Member Agencies to further municipal clean water priorities. Honorees will be identified for recognition and nominated by the Association’s Government Affairs Group and Management Team. NACWA’s Legislative & Regulatory Policy Committee will consider the nominations and select honorees for recognition. Federal elected officials will receive recognition at the National Water Policy Fly-In and Member Agencies will be recognized during NACWA’s Utility Leadership Conference.

Recognition will be provided based on the following criteria:

Clean Water Advocate (Federal Officials) 
Eligibility: Federal Elected Officials
Criteria: Engagement in significant legislative efforts that advance one or more
              key NACWA advocacy priorities.

Clean Water Advocate (Member Agencies)
Eligibility:  NACWA Member Agencies
Criteria:    Engagement in substantial advocacy efforts in the legislative, regulatory,
                 legal, and/or communications arena to advance key NACWA advocacy
                 priorities. Advocacy efforts could include outreach to the U.S.
                 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or other federal agencies
                 on regulatory issues, engagement with elected officials and their staffs on
                 legislative issues, participation in legal briefs, and media/public affairs
For additional information on NACWA’s Awards Programs contact Bredy Trombino at 202.533.1820.
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