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Resilience Webinar Series

Dealing with Disruption: Operationalizing Resilience in the Water Sector

This series of four webinars, jointly hosted by NACWA and AMWA, will explore the role of water utilities in overall community resilience.  Case studies, lessons learned, and resources for utilities will be shared so utilities can learn from one another and improve their resilience to multiple challenges, including natural disasters, cyber threats, climate conditions, and aging infrastructure. 


Part 1: September 17, 2019

Part 2: December 5, 2019

Part 3: February 26, 2020

Part 4: June 3, 2020

Resilience Webinar Series Part 1  |  September 17, 2019  |  2:00 PM - 3:30 PM ET

Understanding Resilience, from Concept to Implementation Strategy

This webinar will examine how cities and regions, and their water systems, are developing plans to become resilient. We will also review the 100 RC City Water Resilience Framework, developed through the Rockefeller Foundation 100 Resilient Cities initiative, which provides detailed guidance on steps to take to improve resiliency. Case studies of regions that have used this framework and other planning strategies will include Milwaukee, Miami, and Cape Town.

 Why Attend?

  • Learn about the role that water agencies play in improving community resiliency.

  • Explore how water agencies have adapted to the challenges and uncertainties faced due to the impacts of climate change and how they can mitigate the impacts of their own operations.

  • Gain key insights in the latest on climate and resiliency and stay ahead of the curve!

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