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Recognizing Our Members’ Impact

NACWA celebrates the exceptional efforts of public utilities dedicated to environmental stewardship and community service through the Association’s Awards Programs.  

This year the Association shines a spotlight on 10 individuals and 32 utilities, presenting them with National Environmental Achievement Awards across 11 categories. These trailblazers have implemented programs to enhance utility operations, elevate clean water treatment and actively engage and educate their communities. Their exemplary leadership serves as a testament to the positive influence NACWA members have in the clean water sector. 

The recognition continues beyond the Awards Ceremony at NACWA’s Winter Conference in February - award winners will be featured in a national press release and showcased through monthly Member Spotlight features on NACWA’s website. View the complete list of 2024 honorees and join us in commending their accomplishments. 

For those eager to join the ranks of these honorees, NACWA encourages participation in its Awards Programs. The Association is currently accepting applications for the Peak Performance Awards Program, acknowledging utility treatment facilities for excellence in meeting their Clean Water Act permit limits. Additional details and the application can be found on the NACWA website.  

Additionally, mark your calendars, as applications for the next cycle of the National Environmental Achievement Awards will be available in September 2024. Don't miss either opportunity to be recognized for your outstanding contributions to the clean water community! 

National Environmental Achievement Awards

Recognizing individuals and NACWA member agencies that have made outstanding contributions to environmental protection and the clean water community, the National Environmental Achievement Awards are given annually. Individuals and agency honorees are recognized at NACWA's Winter Conference.

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