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CLEAN WATER CURRENT – October 17, 2014

CDC Information on Ebola Virus in Wastewater Forthcoming (*New Summary Information Added, 5:00 pm Eastern)

With two nurses from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas now confirmed to be infected with the Ebola virus, questions continue to be asked by wastewater utilities about proper waste disposal procedures at hospitals and other contaminated sites – and the risks to collection systems and treatment plants workers.  » Read more Members Only

NACWA Appeals Board Brief Addresses Satellite Co-Permittee Issue

NACWA filed a brief this week with EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board (EAB) in support of a utility challenge to a federal discharge permit that forcibly included satellite collection systems as co-permittees with a regional wastewater treatment facility. » Read more Members Only

NACWA Attends NRCS Stakeholder Meeting on Farm Bill Implementation

NACWA participated in a stakeholder meeting this week organized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), the agency charged with implementing most of the conservation investment programs administered by the USDA. » Read more Members Only

NACWA Weighs in with EPA Inspector General on Consent Decree Study

NACWA submitted a letter Oct. 16 to EPA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) requesting a meeting as part of the OIG’s current evaluation into EPA’s consent decree program for municipal sewer systems. » Read more Members Only

NACWA Continues Hill Advocacy during Recess

Though Congress is on recess and members are back in their districts campaigning, NACWA continues to reach out to their staffs in D.C. to discuss key policy matters of concern to our members. » Read more Members Only

Stormwater Committee Web Meeting Explores Second Generation MS4 Permits

The NACWA Stormwater Management Committee held a web-based committee meeting on Wednesday to update members on EPA activity since its decision to defer the national stormwater rulemaking effort, discuss MS4 second generation permit trends, and share information about a legal white paper NACWA is preparing on stormwater fee issues. » Read more Members Only

10 Days to Law Seminar Hotel Deadline – Don’t Delay!

The October 27 deadline to reserve a hotel room at the discounted rate for NACWA’s National Clean Water Law Seminar is just around the corner – make you plans to attend today!  » Read more Members Only

Like Sand through the Hourglass … These Are Your Final Days to Submit for NEAA

The deadline to submit nominations for the National Environmental Achievement Awards (NEAA) is Monday, October 20. » Read more Members Only

Invest in Your Staff – Register for the Water & Wastewater Leadership Center

Celebrating its 15th year, you’re invited to attend the 2015 Water & Wastewater Leadership Center and experience what over 300 alumni of the program consider exceptional executive education. » Read more Members Only

NACWA Blog of the Week:
Sailing New Waters with Strangers

How do you feel about strangers?  Not the kind that you were taught about in grade school – but people with different perspectives that we might learn from, connect to, and collaborate with. » Read more Members Only



Help Us Make an Integrated Planning Pilot Program a Reality!

Please write to Senators Jack Reed and Lisa Murkowski, Chair and Ranking Member for the Senate Interior and EPA Appropriations Subcommittee to urge them to support funding for an Integrated Pilot program! » Read more Members Only


NACWA Releases Report Analyzing EPA Methods for Setting Nutrient Effluent Limits

NACWA has released a report summarizing an analysis of EPA’s use of its Technical Support Document for Water Quality-Based Toxics Control as guidance for nutrient permitting. The Review of USEPA Methods for Setting Water Quality-Based Effluent Limits for Nutrients pdf button Members Only (Report) finds that due to fundamental differences in how nutrients and toxics affect receiving waters, the use of toxics-based methods is often inappropriate. » Read more Members Only

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