Water Quantity/Water Quality Nexus

The arid west and the southeast regions of the U.S. face unique water quality and quantity challenges. These challenges are predicted to intensify with changing climate and growing demands for freshwater.

Among NACWA’s highest priorities is to ensure that these challenges can be addressed effectively through the Association’s national policy agenda, and through more collaboration with existing organizations that are also focused on these issues at the state, regional or national level.

NACWA recently partnered with the Western Coalition of Arid States (WESTCAS) to hold roundtable discussions with a wide range of water professionals hailing from key western states. During these discussions, it became clear that many of the water quality and quantity challenges extend well beyond the arid west borders, and thus demand a greater national focus.  NACWA developed a Concept Paper outlining these key issues. 

NACWA’s advocacy is focused on critical issues such as climate change and resiliency, water reuse/recycling, regulatory improvement and Clean Water Act reform, affordability and financing, the Utility of the Future concept, and the water quality-water quantity nexus.

In order to tackle some of these issues, NACWA has convened a new workgroup, which will address current and emerging arid state and water quantity issues—and subsequent solution-oriented strategies—as vital national advocacy priorities.

For those interested in joining the workgroup, or learning more, contact Emily Remmel, NACWA’S Director, Regulatory Affairs & Outreach.