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NACWA membership dues are billed annually in coordination with the Association’s fiscal year (October 1 – September 30). Dues invoices are mailed in September, payable by December 1st. Dues received provide membership in the Association for the fiscal year and are not refundable upon termination of membership. Members who join NACWA after the first quarter of the fiscal year are offered a prorated membership dues amount. Prorated dues are calculated based on a quarterly percentage of the fiscal year dues amount. New member dues must be received within 45 days of joining NACWA. Dues not received within this time period will result in a cancellation of the membership. Access to membership benefits will begin upon approval of the membership application and receipt of membership dues.

Fill out this online form, or print and return to:
National Association of Clean Water Agencies
1816 Jefferson Place, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036-2505
FAX: 888.267.9505


Municipal-Related Revenue (in $ millions) FY 2017 Annual DUES
251+ $30,000
101 - 250 $25,000
51 - 100 $23,000
26 - 50 $18,020
11 - 25 $14,840
5 - 10 $11,660
1 - 4 $8,480
500K - 1million $5,300
Under 500K $2,120


Membership Dues or Contributions to NACWA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.
7% of your payment to NACWA will be spent on lobbying efforts with the intention to influence legislation; and are, therefore, not deductible as a business expense.  This percentage is calculated in accordance with IRS guidelines and based on the IRS definition of lobbying efforts.


Corporate Private Affiliate Membership Application

We (organization name) , with an annual municipal-related revenue of $ (number) request corporate private affiliate membership in NACWA. This application certifies that we are a private organization whose interests are compatible with the objectives of the Association, but otherwise fail to meet the requirements of the "Member" category. We wish to receive the Association's Updates and Alerts, attend Association meetings by payment of membership registration fees, and participate without right to vote on Association business matters.

We agree to pay the annual membership dues as detailed above. (Dues statements are mailed in September, payable by December 1st. Dues are prorated quarterly for new Affiliate members.)

Name of Person Representing Organization to NACWA:
Title of Representative:
Email Address:

I would like to add the following members of my staff to receive NACWA e-Alert notifications:

Name Title E-mail
Did an individual at a current NACWA member agency refer you to the Association? Yes No
If yes who?
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