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Winter Conference
Back to the Basics . . . Will Compliance Concerns Derail Efforts to Innovate?
February 21 – 24, 2016
Westin San Diego
San Diego, CA

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  • The New Alchemy: Turning Waste into Energy

    The New Alchemy: Turning Waste into Energy The award-winning Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant commenced in 1964.  Since then, the plant has grown from less than 10 MGD to current permitted design of 110 MGD. Southside is one of the two wastewater treatment plants owned and operated by City of Dallas Water Utilities (DWU). Both plants are responsible for treating all of the wastewater generated by an estimated 1.25 million citizens of the City of Dallas along with eleven neighboring customer cities, which is about 260 MGD. Southside stabilizes and disposes the biosolids generated by both of the City’s wastewater treatment plants. During the process of stabilizing the biosolids, methane (biogas) is produced as a by-product. Previously, the biogas was flared as a means of disposal, with only[…]

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