Sandra Kilroy


Sandra Kilroy
Assistant Director
King County Wastewater Treatment Division
Seattle, WA

Sandra Kilroy is the Assistant Director of the King County Wastewater Treatment Division with a special assignment as Chief Officer of Strategy and Sustainability. She has 25 years of experience in natural resource management. She has championed moving the agency to a utility of the future, led the division's lean revolution and continuous improvement efforts, spearheaded robust workforce development, and managed strategic business planning and performance management.

Her current role will focus on ensuring sustainability in operations and services and maximizing the recovery of resources from wastewater. In the past she managed King County's salmon recovery, watershed restoration, agriculture/forestry, and floodplain management programs. Prior to that, Sandra managed the County's first NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit and served a key communications role in the merger of two large governments. Sandra has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental and Forest Biology and a Masters degree in Marine Affairs.