Stormwater Management


Stormwater runoff is a growing environmental concern in communities throughout the nation, and many clean water agencies are participating in stormwater management activities. NACWA advocates for reducing adverse water quality impacts from stormwater through improved and innovative management techniques such as watershed approaches and green infrastructure.

For more information on NACWA’s legal activities and litigation related to Stormwater Management, please visit the Legal Resourceskey page.



02/20 Clean Water Current   Stormwater Litigation Moves Forward, NACWA Files Brief key
01/16 Clean Water Current   New York Court Dismisses Appeal, Upholds Key Stormwater Legal Victory key
01/09 Clean Water Current   NACWA Files Briefs in Biosolids, Stormwater Litigation key



12/19 Clean Water Current   NACWA Discusses Recent Stormwater Memo with EPA key
12/05 Clean Water Current   New EPA Stormwater Permit Guidance Addresses Numeric Limits key
11/21 Clean Water Current   NACWA Releases Analysis of Stormwater Program Fee Litigation key
10/17 Clean Water Current   Stormwater Committee Web Meeting Explores Second Generation MS4 Permits key
09/12 Clean Water Current   Court Hears Arguments in Key Stormwater Case key 
08/01 Clean Water Current   Brief Filed in Key Stormwater Litigation key
05/30 Clean Water Current   Register for June 18 “Legal Hot Topics” Webinar on Stormwater & Construction Law key
05/16 Clean Water Current   Senator Cardin Holds Stormwater Hearing Ahead of Transportation Bill Markup key
04/16  The Water Voice: Blog   No National Stormwater Rule, Now What?  
03/21 Clean Water Current   EPA Defers National Stormwater Rulemaking, Denies RDA Petitions key
03/19 EPA Letter   EPA Region 1 RDA Petition Denial  
03/19 EPA Letter   EPA Region 3 RDA Petition Denial  
03/19 EPA Letter   EPA Region 9 RDA Petition Denial  
02/07 Clean Water Current   EPA to Solicit Public Comment on Potential RDA Designations key
01/28 EPA Letter   EPA Letter on RDA Petitions key



11/14 Clean Water Current   NACWA Files AMicus Brief in Ohio Stormwater Case; Court Rules in Missouri Case key
11/14 Clean Water Current   Legislation Reintroduced to Promote Use of Innovative Stormwater Infrastructure key
07/12 Clean Water Current   Environmental Groups Petition EPA on Individual Stormwater Dischargers key
11/21 NACWA Comments   Letter Requesting Public comment on RDA Petitions  
11/14 NACWA Blog   Green Infrastructure. . . Evolving from an Innovative to Mainstream Stormwater Management Practice  
11/08  Clean Water Current   Environmental Groups Brief Municipal Groups on RDA Stormwater Petitions key
09/13 Clean Water Current   Settlement Agreement Released in Stormwater Fee Case  key
09/13 Clean Water Current   National Perspective PRovided at California Stormwater Conference key
08/30 Clean Water Current   NACWA Talks Stormwater Regulation at APWA Annual Conference key
08/16 Clean Water Current   Feds Agree to Pay in Stormwater Fee Dispute key
07/31 NACWA Blog   New Rule Delays Show Continued Challenges of Federal Stormwater Regulation  
07/10 Petition to EPA pdf button NGO Petitions to EPA on Stormwater Residual Dsignation Authority  
06/21 Clean Water Current   EPA Breaches Settlement Agreement - National Stormwater Rule Futher Delayed key
04/12 Clean Water Current   As Stormwater Rule Deadline Looms, NACWA Continues Advocacy key
03/29 Clean Water Current   Negative Ruling on Federal Payment of Stormwater Fees to be Appealed key
03/08 Clean Water Current   EPA Declines Appeal of Stormwater Flow TMDL Ruling key
2/22 Clean Water Current   NACWA Hosts Follow-Up Meeting to Discuss Stormwater Rule key
1/04 Clean Water Current   Federal Court Strikes Down EPA “Flow TMDL” for Stormwater key
1/04 Clean Water Current   NACWA Files Brief Supporting Municipal Stormwater Fee Program

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