Emerging Contaminants


Research is documenting with increasing frequency that many chemical and microbial constituents that have not historically been considered as contaminants are present in the environment on a global scale. These emerging contaminants are commonly derived from households, municipal, agricultural, and industrial wastewater sources and pathways. There is a sound and reasonable approach to addressing this emerging issue.




01/08 Clean Water Current   NACWA Supports Proposed Ban On Flushing Of Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals  
01/08 Clean Water Current   Microbead Ban Signed By President  




12/23 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments on Proposed Rule on Management of Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals  
12/11 Clean Water Current   House Passes Microbead-Free Act of 2015  
12/04 Clean Water Current   NACWA Asks EPA to Consider Impacts of Root Control Chemical  
11/24 NACWA Comments icon-pdf Recommendations for Notification Requirements on Use of Diquat Dibromide, a Root Control Chemical  
11/20 Clean Water Current   NACWA Weighs in on Microbeads Legislation, House Committee Considers Key Bills  
09/04 Clean Water Current   EPA Proposes Ban on Flushing of Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals  
08/07 Clean Water Current   NACWA Supports Nanomaterial Reporting Requirements  
08/05 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments on EPA Proposed Rule on Reporting Requirements for Nanomaterials  
05/08 Clean Water Current   Association Weighs in to Support Microbead Legislation  




06/16 NACWA Comments  icon-pdf NACWA Comments on FDA's Proposed Rule on the Use of Triclosan in Soaps  
03/25 NACWA Letter icon-pdf  NACWA Letter of Support for California PHarmaceutical Take-Back Bill, SB 1014  



05/31 Clean Water Current   Concerns Raised Over EPA Review of Triclosan Use key
05/28 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments on Triclosan Registration Review Work Plan key
03/22 Clean Water Current   NACWA Meets with NRDC about Triclosan key
02/22 Clean Water Current   NACWA Urges EPA to Limit Inadvertently Generated PCBs key 
02/19 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments on Drug Enforcement Administration Proposed Rule on Disposal of Controlled Substances  

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