New analytical methods and sampling techniques are enabling clean water facilities to measure levels of mercury that were previously undetectable. Because of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new human health criterion for methylmercury in fish tissue and the increasing number of fish advisories based on mercury. More clean water agencies are facing mercury requirements. While NACWA believes each community must make the decisions that are right for its citizens, the Association favors a national, holistic strategy that fairly and equitably takes into account the various sources of mercury – air, industrial, national and international.


04/01/11 Clean Water Current NACWA and Quicksilver Caucus Discuss Recommendations for Dental Amalgam Separator Rule Members Only
12/29/08 ADA MOU icon-pdf Dental Amalgam MOU
January 2008
NACWA Mercury Sampling Project icon-pdf
Sampling Report
Appendices C&D
Members Only

Members Only
August 2006 NACWA Report icon-pdf Mercury Control Program Case Studies
January 2006 NACWA Report icon-pdf NACWA White Paper on Controlling Mercury in Wastewater Discharges from Dental Clinics
August 2000 NACWA Report
Evaluation of Domestic Sources of Mercury
2000 NACWA Report
Mercury Source Control and Pollution Prevention Program Evaluation


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