Research and Technology Award




Research & Technology Award


NACWA’s Research & Technology Award is given to member agencies for their contributions to the field of wastewater treatment or biosolids utilization and disposal.  A research project or technological innovation must directly relate to the processes of collection, treatment or reuse of wastewater or use or disposal of biosolids.  The Project must have been conducted in-house or by consultant under direction of the agency and the project’s results must have practical application.

2016 Honorees

No Recipient

2015 Honorees

DC Water, DC
Hampton Roads Sanitation District, VA

Mainstream Deammonification - A New "Blue-Print" for Cost Effective, Sustainable Nutrient Removal


2014 Honorees

No Recipient


2013 Honorees

No Recipient


2012 Honorees

East Bay Municipal Utility District, CA
New (First-Ever) PSRP-Equivalent Anaerobic Digestion Process Increases Digestion Capacity by Fifty Percent

Orange County Sanitation District, CA
Fuel Cell Demonstration for Energy and Hydrogen Production

DC Water, DC
Innovation of External Carbon Based Suspended Growth Technology for Enhanced Nitrogen Removal


2011 Honorees

No Recipient


2010 Honorees

D.C. Water and Sewer Authority, DC
Establishing Design & Operating Criteria for an Innovative, Compact and Sustainable Nutrient Removal MBBR Technology


Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant, CO
Denitrification- A Unique Approach


2009 Honorees

D.C. Water and Sewer Authority, DC
Alexandria Sanitation Authority, VA
Enhancing Nitrogen Removal and Increasing Sustainability with Innovative Sidestream Treatment


2008 Honorees

North Shore Sanitary District, Ill.
North Shore Sanitary District Biosolids Recycling Facility

East Bay Municipal Utility District, Calif.
Producing Green Energy from Post-Consumer Solid Food Wastes at a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Using an Innovative New Process


2007 Honoree

East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), Oakland, Calif.
Investigating the Fundamental Basis for Selectors to Improve Activated Sludge Settling


2006 Honoree

East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), Oakland, Calif.
The Contribution of Amonia and Volatile Acids to Pathogens Destruction During Mesophilic and Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion


2005 Honorees

Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, Calif.
Integrated Nitrogen Removal System Helps Valencia Water Reclamation Plant Meet Stringent Effluent Nitrogen Discharge Limits

King County Wastewater Treatment Division, Wash.
King County Fuel Cell Demonstration Project


2004 Honorees

City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Bureau of Sanitation, Calif.
It Couldn’t Get Better: Better Public Health Protection at a Lower Cost (PDF)

City of Tacoma Environmental Services, Wash.
TAGRO Potting Soil and Mulch


2003 Honorees

East Bay Municipal Utility District, Calif.
A Pathogen Destruction Process for Biosolids

New York City Department of Environmental Protection, N.Y.
A Novel Application of Dual-Phase Digestion for Soluble COD Recovery and Concurrent Filamentous Froth Destruction


2002 Honorees

King County Department of Natural Resources, Wastewater Treatment Division, Seattle, Wash.
Water Reuse Technology Demonstration Project

The City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation, Wastewater Engineering Services Division, Los Angeles, Calif.
Assessment and Optimization of Aeration Basins in Activated Sludge Plants


2001 Honorees

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
Biosolids as a Topsoil Substitute for the Germination and Growth of Turf, Forage, Prairie Grasses and Wild Flower Plants

Delta Diablo Sanitation District, Antioch, Calif.
Power Plant Cooling Recycled Water Supply and Disposal Project


2000 Honorees

New York City Department of Environmental Protection, NY
Step-Feed Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Process at the Tallman Island Wastewater Pollution Control Plant

Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant & Colorado State University
Long Term Research for the Beneficial Use of Domestic Wastewater Biosolids


1999 Honorees

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, IL
Optimization of Conventional Low Technology Process to Produce Class A Biosolids

The County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, CA
Development of Biotrickling Filter to Remove Hydrogen Sulfide


1998 Honorees

Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority, IA
Site-specific Biosolids Land Application

San Diego Metropolitan Wastewater Department, CA
Aqua 2000 Research Center


1997 Honoree

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District Madison, WI
BOD AutoEZ Development


1996 Honorees

County Sanitation Districts of Orange County, CA
Pilot Digester Research

City of Riverside, CA
Hidden Valley Wetlands Enhancement Project


1995 Honoree

King County Department of Metropolitan Services, WA
MetroTherm Program - Boeing Chiller Project


1994 Honoree

Eastern Municipal Water District, CA
Multipurpose Wetlands Research & Demonstration Study


1993 Honoree

Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners, NJ
Patented Device to Enforce Wastewater Discharge Prohibitions on Floatable Oils and Grease


1992 Honoree

East Bay Municipal Utility District, CA
Innovative Air Emissions Monitoring and Research Program


1991 Honoree

Hampton Roads Sanitation District, VA
Virginia Initiative Plant Process


1990 Honoree

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, MD
Odor Control Research at the Montgomery County Regional Compost Facility


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