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11/09 Clean Water Current   NACWA Meets with EPA on SSOs, Peak Flow Treatment Next Steps key
07/06 Clean Water Current   NACWA Letter Supports Atlanta Consent Decree Extension key
07/03 Correspondence icon-pdf NACWA Letter in Support of Atlanta Consent Decree Modification key
06/01 Clean Water Current   NACWA Establishes Wet Weather Task Force to Develop Legislation, Seeks Agency Participation key
05/18 Clean Water Current   NACWA, DC Water Talk CSOs at Senate Briefing key
05/16 Congressional Briefing Presentation icon-pdf DC Water Presentation on Clean Rivers Project at CSO Briefing  
05/16 Congressional Briefing Presentation icon-pdf American Rivers Presentation on Green Infrastructure at CSO Briefing  
05/16 Congressional Briefing Presentation icon-pdf NACWA Presentation on Integrated Planning at CSO Briefing  
04/13 Clean Water Current   NACWA Applauds Key EPA-Philadelphia Partnership Agreement key
04/10 EPA Agreement icon-pdf EPA-City of Philadelphia Partnership Agreement  



10/14 Clean Water Current   NACWA Continues Discussions on SSO Rule with Stakeholder Groups key
09/30 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments on Draft CSO Post-Construction Compliance Monitoring Guidance  
08/19 Clean Water Current   Momentum Continues toward Comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Overflow Rule key
08/09 EPA Guidance icon-pdf CSO Post Construction Compliance Monitoring Guidance  
08/05 Clean Water Current   NACWA to Help Coordinate Next Steps toward a Comprehensive SSO Rule key
07/15 Advocacy Alert   General Support For Development Of SSO Rule Emerges From EPA Facilitated Workshop key
07/08 Clean Water Current   NACWA Holds Productive Discussion with NGO Groups on SSOs key
07/01 Clean Water Current   NACWA’s SSO Workgroup Sets Strategy for Upcoming EPA Facilitated Workshop key
06/14 Clean Water Current   EPA Invites Public Participation at SSO Workshop, Registration Available to NACWA Members key
06/03 Clean Water Current   NACWA Receives Invitation to EPA’s SSO Workshop key
06/03 Clean Water Current   EPA Releases Final Clean Water Act Action Plan for Permitting, Enforcement Issues key
06/03 EPA Correspondence icon-pdf Invitation to EPA’s Sanitary Sewer Overflow and Peak Wet Weather Discharge Workshop  
06/03 EPA Document icon-pdf Final EPA Clean Water Act Action Plan key
05/13 Clean Water Current   NACWA Environmental Policy Forum Highlights Advocacy Efforts with Congress, EPA key
05/06 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments on EPA Environmental Justice Permitting Initiative key
01/07 Clean Water Current   EPA Still Considering Regulatory Action on SSO, Collection System Issues key



12/13 Advocacy Alert   EPA Letter Highlights Flexibility In Addressing CSO/SSO Issues key
12/10 Clean Water Current   NACWA Participates in CSO Summit, Highlights Importance of Money Matters Campaign key
11/12 Clean Water Current   EPA Directs Regions, States to Focus on Increased NPDES Program Integration & Oversight key
10/26 EPA Memo icon-pdf EPA Memo to Regional Offices Regarding Increased Enforcement Oversight key
10/26 EPA Memo icon-pdf EPA Letter to States Regarding Oversight Integration key
10/01 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments on EPA Environmental Justice Plan key
09/16 EPA Report icon-pdf EPA Inspector General Report on Revising State-EPA MOAs  
08/04 Advocacy Alert   NACWA Submits Comments To EPA On Sanitary Sewer Overflow And Sewage Sludge Incinerator Issues key
08/02 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments To EPA On Request For Stakeholder Input On Possible SSO Rule key
08/02 Publication icon-pdf

Core Attributes of Effectively Managed Collection Systems

07/30 Clean Water Current   NRDC Releases Beach Report, NACWA Provides Context on Findings to Members key
07/16 Clean Water Current   NACWA Weighs in with EPA on Need for SSO Rule key
07/13 NACWA Talking Points icon-pdf NACWA SSO Talking Points key
07/02 Clean Water Current   Clean Water Community Voices Views on Sanitary Sewer Issues at Listening Sessions key
06/25 Clean Water Current   Utilities Express Support for Sanitary Sewer System Rule at First EPA Listening Session key
06/21 Advocacy Alert   NACWA Talking Points on Sanitary Sewer Issues Now Available key
06/21 NACWA Talking Points icon-pdf NACWA SSO Talking Points for EPA Listening Session on the Notice for Stakeholder Input Into A Sanitary Sewer System Policy
06/18 Clean Water Current   NACWA Meets with Senior EPA Staff on Sanitary Sewer System Rulemaking Effort key
06/18 Clean Water Current   NACWA SSO Rule Focus Shifts to Comment Effort, Listening Sessions key
06/04 Clean Water Current   NACWA Takes Steps to Respond to EPA Notice on Sanitary Sewer and Blending Issues key
06/04 Advocacy Alert   EPA Seeks Comment On Possible SSO, Collection System Rule key
05/28 Clean Water Current   EPA Announces Consideration of an SSO Rule, NACWA Workgroup Continues Efforts key
05/27 Advocacy Alert   EPA Announces Initiation Of Rulemaking On Sanitary Sewer Overflow and Wet Weather Issue key
05/21 Clean Water Current   EPA Written Statement on Blending, SSO Policy Is Imminent key
05/14 Clean Water Current   NACWA Prepared for Legal Action on Blending at Appropriate Time key
05/14 EPA Correspondence icon-pdf Silva Response to NACWA key
03/26 EPA Correspondence icon-pdf EPA Letter To IAWA On Status Of Blending key
03/24 EPA Correspondence icon-pdf Giles Letter on National Enforcement Initiatives key
03/08 EPA Correspondence icon-pdf Silva Thank You Letter key
01/14 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments on OECA National Enforcement Priorities FY 2011-2013  




10/15 Legal Alert   EPA Releases Clean Water Act Enforcement Action Plan key
10/15 EPA Report icon-pdf EPA Clean Water Act Enforcement Action Plan  
08/31 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments on EPA Enforcement Action Plan  
08/13 NACWA Comments icon-pdf Final Blending Comments key
07/29 Regulatory Alert   EPA Utility Analysis Guidance For Peak Flows key
06/11 Regulatory Alert   EPA Bypass Regulation And Peak Flow Blending key
05/01 EPA Correspondence icon-pdf Jackson Blending Letter key
03/20 White Paper icon-pdf Working with Satellite Communities on Regional Wet Weather Issues key
02/19 Legal Alert   NACWA Releases 2009 Consent Decree Handbook Supplement key




09/18 Legislative Alert   SRF Reauthorization, Sewer Overflow Notification Bills Pass Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Members Only
09/17 Legislation icon-pdf Senate Environment & Public Works Committee Substitute Amendment for Sewer Overflow Community Right to Know Act Members Only
07/17 Congr. Correspondence icon-pdf NACWA Letter to Senate on Sewer Overflow Notification Bill  
06/27 Bill Analysis icon-pdf Summary of Changes in House-Passed Bill Members Only
06/11 Legislation icon-pdf Sewage Overflow Community Right-to-Know Act  
04/30 EPA Correspondence icon-pdf EPA Response Letter Regarding Wet Weather Enforcement Initiatives  
04/16 Correspondence icon-pdf NACWA Letter of Support for Overflow Notification Bill  
04/04 Correspondence icon-pdf Letter to EPA Regarding Wet Weather Enforcement Guidelines  
01/16 Comments icon-pdf American Rivers’ Response to NACWA’s Comments  
01/16 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments to American Rivers on Sewage Overflow Notification Bill  
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